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Welcome Homepage

Welcome to UNIGOLD FOODS Nigeria. "A Nigerian Company taking Agribusiness to the next level" with a stable of great brands made up of Nara chicken, Nara Sausage, Nara Palm-Oil, Nara Tomato Paste and Flour. Our diversified portfolio consists of beef, pork, poultry, lamb, further processed and consumer ready protein offerings, hides, leather, variety meats and rendered products.

All over Nigeria we work everyday to bring quality wholesome food products to millions of Nigerians. Our belief is simple. Put smiles on the face of Nigerians.

  • Buying & Selling Farm Produce

    We offer you the best discount in the agricultural market. Our vibrant agents are on standby round the clock

  • Unigold Products

    Unigold Foods Processing Company Ltd is one of the leading agribusiness specialists in Nigeria. Quality and low prices is our trademark.

  • Comprehensive Agribusiness Management

    Unigold Foods offers comprehensive farming management using thorough market and research analysis. Get expert advice and assistance on all your farming needs.

Welcome To Unigold Foods

Unigold Foods is a leading provider of animal protein products that are readily available in many restaurant chains, including quick service restaurants. Our products are also available through major retail distribution channels, grocery stores and open markets. As a modern multinational food company through our contact farming scheme produce approximately 40 million Kilograms per annum of animal protein of chicken, beef and eggs.

With our National network and seasoned agents, we always deliver on our promises.

Unigold Foods – Next Level Agribusiness
  • For 24 x 7 x 365 days we are available to cater and satisfy your farming needs.
  • Dedicated agents working 24 X 7 days across locations for seamless and efficient services.
  • We are proud to provide food for our families, our communities and our nation as we face this challenge together.
  • In response to the ongoing spread of coronavirus. Unigold Foods has established several interventions to ensure the health of our team members, the safety of our products, and our continued ability to provide our customers the highest levels of uninterrupted service.
Unigold Foods

Our Purpose Home

We imagine a country where every Nigerian or African can afford animal protein products, from Poultry, beef, pork to fish products and food products and all our farmers are all compensated and live prosperously. Our strategy is one in which we function as an agro integrator and through virtual integration of our operations produce animal protein and food products with the highest quality and most affordable prices.

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    People in Company
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    + Satisfied Clients

We Have Four Priorities:

  • The safety of our team members.
  • We’ll help you save time & money.
  • Providing food for our country.
  • Providing jobs at a time of record unemployment.
Packaging & Distribution 99.5%
Growth & Cultivation 99%
Sales 100%
Unigold Foods